Sri lanka co-hosts an event on health of migrants, at the UN Summit on Refugees and Migrants, held in New York

2016 / 09 / 22

For the first time in history, the topic on the health of migrants was a part of the UN General Assembly High-level Meeting to Address Large Movements of Refugees and Migrants. The event, “Health in the Context of Migration and Forced Displacement” was organized by the Governments of Sri Lanka and Italy, IOM, UNHCR and WHO on the 22nd of September 2016 held in New York.

This side event raised awareness and brought attention to the urgent question of the health of migrants and refugees, which has, up to now, been insufficiently addressed in multi-sector platforms. The event also facilitated the sharing of current perspectives and good practices, and emphasized the shared responsibility of promoting the health of migrants and refugees.

Dr. Susie Perera, Director, Organization and Development, on behalf of the Director General of Health Services, Ministry of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicines of Sri Lanka made a statement at this event.

She acknowledged that this event of the UN GA is an opportunity to revisit the WHA resolution on Promoting health of Migrants made in 2008, where a significant global populations’ health coverage is focused upon, in keeping with commitments to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Towards the end of her statement she brought to notice that, in February 2017, IOM, WHO and the Government of Sri Lanka will organize the 2nd Global Consultation on Migrant Health, to be held in Sri Lanka and will focus on resetting the agenda and continuing the collaboration towards the achievement of Universal Health Coverage for all.

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